C2X-CMD is a generic freeware converter for converting CSV files to XML files. C2X-CMD is a command line tool which is available for several operation systems.
Screenshot of c2x-cmd

You may download the java based frontend c2x-wizard which helps you to use c2x-cmd.
Screenshot of c2x-wizard

csv2xml Windows package

(including c2x-wizard & c2x-cmd)

Version Date OS CPU
V0.9.0 11/05/2011 Windows x86 & x64Download

For all other operating systems you have to download c2x-wizard and c2x-cmd separately:


Version Date OS CPU
V1.8.0 2007 Windows 9x … Windows 7 x86/x64Download
V1.8.0 2007 Linux 32 Bit x86Download
V1.8.0 2007 Linux 64 Bit AMD64Download
V1.8.0 2007 Solaris 10 SparcDownload
V1.8.0 2007 HP-UX ia64Download
V1.8.0 2007 MAC OS X PPC+X86Download (Universal Binary)
V1.8.0 2007 AIX PPCDownload


Version Date OS CPU
V0.1.0 11/05/2011 All AllDownload


Manual for Version Date
c2x-cmd 0.1 12/05/2011Download
c2x-wizard 0.1 New ! Download
JRE Installation (Windows) 0.1 10/28/2011Download

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