About me

John Miles sings DSC_5351_mod_500x364“…Music was my first love…” in his great song of 1976. My first love was my Commodore C64, which I’ve got at the age of 12 in 1983 after insistently talking to my parents. After playing Donkey Kong & Pacman for a while I decided to lean programming languages. I bought my first PC in 1990 and today I’ve got more PC’s than family members. My parents often said “… hey, are you going to play on your computer again …” but today I earn a good income with that.

So why do I write freeware programms ?
Very simple answer : There was a time when I needed these tools and they do not exist. So I have to write them on my own. And when I do not like to pay for small helpers you shouldn’t also do that.

One special case was csv2xml. I wrote this tool to find a use case for my C++ csv parser class. After I had released the tool on my homepage in 2002  I’ve earned much positive feedback and additionally a free license of vmware workstation. Obviously my programme could be used at VMWARE very well.

For all of my freeware programmes you should know, that:

  • they could be used for free in comercial and non-comercial purposes
  • I do not grant any warranty for them or there functions

Please use my contact page if you want to get in contact with me
(perhaps if you want to tell me about my english spelling mistakes) .

The public part of my life…