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Windows 7 Update problems after installing a SSHD drive

The other day I had bought a Seagate SSHD hard disc for my Lenovo Thinkpad T61. This kind of drive combines the speed advantages of a solid state disc with the capacity of a standard hard disc. I made a backup of my former 640GB hard disc with Acronis True Image and restored this image onto the new SSHD. After the first start with the new SSHD everything looks quite normal. But after a few weeks I recognized that Windows runs no updates anymore. Additionally the search function did not work, too. After several unsuccessfully recovery methods (including the fix it tools from Microsoft), I had to find other possibilities to fix this problem.

So I’ve started the Windows Event Manager „EventVWR.exe“…

… and found several error messages under the category “Windows Logs” -> “Application” from the sources „CAPI2“ and „Search“.

The greatest amount of error messages came from the source “CAPI2” with the Event-ID 257 and the messages itself were related to the module „ESENT“:

There are several instructions to fix this ESENT problems. Most of these instructions explain how to delete the damaged catalog file manually, but sadly this didn’t work for me, too.

After that I decided to install windows 7 anew because I wanted to be sure that my problems were not based on a possible damaged True Image file. After the installation has been processed the error occurred again.

So I had to find a different solution…

After a little investigation I found another possible source for my problems in a forum. Some users wrote about the same problems based on driver problems with the Intel SATA chipset ICH8R which is the chipset in my T61.

The driver I had installed was the newest official version. Neither Intel nor Lenovo delivered newer drivers but I found the solution on the support site of HP (!).

HP is delivering a fix for several problems including my update problem:

After this fix worked fine for my T61 I bought a SSHD drive from Toshiba and installed it in my T400 (chipset ICH9R) afterwards. The problems occurred also on the T400 and additionally I got boring messages from the Windows Genuine Check which told me that some of my windows files were damaged that they were very pleased to present me an offer to buy a new windows 7 version for cheaply 109,- €.

While everything works now fine except the boring Genuine messages I decided to get rid of these messages. I found a guide to deactivate the notifications and method 1 worked fine for me:

I hope this guide might help you, when you experience the same problems.

This guide comes without warranty and the modification of your system is at your own risk.